Javier Sanz-Corretge 

Ph. D Structural Engineer

Hello, I am Javier Sanz a Ph.D.  Structural Engineer born in Pamplona Spain. I define myself as a curious person with special interest in engineering challenges. Can we optimize a given structure? Is there any room for improvement? This is my professional ‘mantra’. Composite lay-up definition is an art and science at the same time. The ability to analyze the main load paths in a specific structure, leads to its optimization. Yacht engineering requires both light and high-performance designs, so I feel a strong attraction to these wonder and complex structures.

I have been working as a FEM (finite element) stress analyst for almost 20 years, having a strong specialization as stress composite engineering. I started to work in the aeronautical sector in 2000 and after my Ph.D. dissertation in 2007 I started to work in the renewable industry where I am currently working. My Ph. D was focused on structural health monitoring using AI (artificial intelligence) techniques. I combined this work in the period between 2009-2011 with an academic post in the Public University of Navarra as a lecturer where I taught principles of structural matrix analysis.

My research lines are focused on structural composite optimization and applied AI techniques to structural engineering. I have published more than 10 papers and I have 5 patents.

Work experience

 University Public of Navarra



 Renewable industry

since 2007



Gamesa Desarrollos Aeronáuticos



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Rotor Dynamics Ph. D. dissertation

 Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2002 - 2007 

 Master's degree in computer science 

 UNED university, 2000 - 2002

 Master's degree in mechanical engineering

 Public University of Navarra, 1991 - 1996