Chris Michael Rammouz 

Architect- UPDA certified, Masters in Esports Management

Frankly speaking, I am firmly believing that all my life’s decisions have been leading me to this point.
You’ll see why.

I was always fascinated by video games since my childhood days. I spent most of my time playing video games, drawing comic books and coming up with stories of my own. It truly made me realize the sense of grandeur, how much work and effort was taken to create something this perfect. I promised myself that I’m going to do this for a living one day.

I chose to pursue architecture at the time since it seemed the closest to what I was envisioning. Creating and designing buildings and urban landscapes was the most relevant in making my dream come true. I then graduated and needed to find a job, you know, like a regular human being. Qatar was the next chapter that made me realize that I’ve been meant for something greater. I then chose a master’s program in Barcelona, leading me back to the esports scene. Then, I interned at Dreamhack as a UX/Graphic designer under CEO Arturo Castillo’s umbrella, fantastic man. Now, I’m still here following my passion and my gut. So far, I believe it has been the right path.

When it comes to doing something I love, I do not sleep before I finish working. I am passionate, creative and that has driven me to where I am today.

I’ve recently developed a liking towards the sea and its naval creations. I’m honestly new to the scene of it, but I believe that I have the knowledge and intuitiveness to infiltrate it smoothly coming from a design background and acquired skills from a similar niche industry, esports!

Ask for my CV and portfolio. You don’t want to miss out!
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Master in Esports Management


Bachelor of Architecture

Notre Dame University, Louaize (NDU)

Baccalaureate, Economics and Sociology

Saint Joseph School, Cornet Chehwan