The crew


Giulia Ghezzi
stream&lines - Founder
MSc, B(Eng), AssocRINA

Project Management
Design and technology integration
CFD simulations

Buğra Uğur Yazıcı
PhD (ongoing), MSc, B(Eng)

CFD Simulations

Hull optimisation (CFD+AI)

CAD parametric design

Juan Maria Carvajal Ramos

Naval Architect and Marine Renewable Energies Engineer 


CFD Simulations

Naval Architecture 

Javier Sanz-Corretge
Ph. D Structural Engineer

Composite lay-up optimization

Artificial Intelligence application in structural analysis

Looking for experts!

CFD Engineers, FEM Engineers,
Naval Architects

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Daniel Häseker
Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Yacht Design

  • Generative Design
  • A-Class surface modelling 
  • Freeform 3D Design

Gianluca Scannella
BA Transportation Design

Yacht Design

  • Sketches
  • 3D Modelling
  • Renderings

Benedikt Ihle
Student in Transportation Design

Yacht Design

  • Concepts
  • Sketches

Prima Ramanuj
BArch, M.A.

Yacht Design

  • Interior Yacht Design

Lucas Hernández
Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

  • Digital Web Design

Chris Michael Rammouz
Architect- UPDA certified, Masters in Esports Management


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Image

Looking for experts!

Yacht Designers, 3D-Modellers

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