FEA - Structural Analysis via AXIRO S.r.l.

FEA - Structural Analysis

The key-element to integrate stream, a fluid-dynamic optimized yacht shape, to lines, an outstanding design, is its hidden, underlying structure.

The finite element method provides us the tool to analyse the local loads of complex geometries, and therefore optimize the structure also for very specific vessels. 

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 AXIRO is a leading Italian full service engineering company providing innovative technological solutions in a wide range of mechanical engineering disciplines as well as comprehensive engineering consulting service in Italy and worldwide. 

AXIRO S.r.l.

 AXIRO applies virtual simulation instruments and methods to predict the behaviour of single components and of whole systems (vehicle, machine, mechanical assembly…) with increasing reliability and efficiency.

Our engineers apply computer-aided-engineering (CAE) starting from the initial project phases obtaining essential information required to develop components matching increasingly ambitious performance requirements. 

 The experience that was acquired over the years both in Italy and overseas allows AXIRO to develop additional capabilities and expertise related to specific requirements in a global environments.

 We apply numerical methods to forecast the behaviour of a process or a product during its life cycle.  - AXIRO S.r.l.

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Strucural analysis of motor and sailing yachts:

  • Calculations of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loadings
  • Structural design
  • Analysis of stress/strain distribution on structural components

Foto Credits: Axiro S.r.l.