Buğra Uğur Yazıcı

PhD (ongoing), MSc, B(Eng)


Merhaba! I am Buğra Uğur Yazıcı from Istanbul, Turkey. 


As a MSc. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who has been dealing with sailboats since the age of 13, my passion for the sea has been a tool that constantly encourages me to learn, explore and dream in this area. As a bowman competing in different trophies on a wide variety of boats, I personally experienced how important seconds are to win the race. For this reason, boat forms have been a pioneering concept for me in all areas of my life, especially for the study of optimization and flow physics.

I worked as a Research and Development Engineer in the most prominent ship design offices in Turkey where I have gained experience in parametric modeling, CFD analysis and optimization. I have the title of the project idea owner of two R&D grant projects.  These projects start with the development of parametric hull form of the vessels, optimization by means of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic characteristics of the vessels, validation of CFD analysis and optimization by towing tank tests and end with conceptual design.

I am pursuing my academic career with a PhD in Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering. I am planning to focus on developing an integrated design environment platform that enables users to implement parametric CAD geometries, perform optimization using genetic algorithms/AI and carry out hydrodynamic analyses using open source CFD tools in particular for hydroacoustic and manoeuvring of the submarines.

Work experience


Senior Submarine Design Engineer

MAN Energy Solutions Turkey 

Sales Coordinator


SEFT Ship Design 

R&D Engineer 



Istanbul Technical University


Istanbul Technical University


Turkish Naval Academy